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Only JUVORA™ Certified Partners can purchase JUVORA Dental Discs. Our certified partner program is continually growing as the demand for non-metal alternative treatment rises.

Join leading dental labs from around the world who have already become a JUVORA Certified Partner and benefit from our extensive experience and technical knowledge.

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Benefits of Becoming a JUVORA™ Certified Partner

We are 100% committed to supporting the success of our partners. Upon completion of the training and certification program, every JUVORA Certified Partner receives:

  • Access to purchase JUVORA Dental Discs, manufactured from our high-performance polymer non-metal alternative.
  • CAD/CAM training to enable precision design and finishing of JUVORA based prosthetics
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Marketing support 

Requirements for Dental Labs

To become a JUVORA Certified Partner you must:

  1. Have CAD/CAM capabilities—either in-house or through a third-party milling centre. Please contact us if you would like to connect with one of our JUVORA™ Certified Partner third-party milling centres that have CAD/CAM capabilities.
  2. Demonstrate high levels of expertise and performance in the manufacturing, machining and finishing of dental prosthetics.
  3. Undergo official training on machining and finishing techniques.

Requirements for Dentists

Our JUVORA Certified Partner program is only applicable to dental labs. Dentists do not need to be certified in order to prescribe prosthetics that have been manufactured from a JUVORA Dental Disc. Please register here if you would like to connect with one of our certified partners in your area. Alternatively, if your existing dental lab is not a certified partner but may be interested, please forward our website link by clicking here