Long Term Clinical Experience with JUVORA™ to be Presented During the Sixth Annual DEGUZ Meeting

02 April 2014

Across Germany and Europe dentists are already using the next generation of dental material, JUVORA. Clinical results based on current European patient cases will be presented for the first time at the sixth annual DEGUZ meeting in Frankenthal on 16-17 May. Patients with sensitivity or allergy issues benefit from the use of this material, because the high performance polymeric material does not contain metal.

In the past, denture patients with a sensitivity or allergy to traditional denture materials, such as metal, have had to undergo long, complicated and sometimes unsuccessful treatments. In the run-up to the DEGUZ meeting Lynne Todd, Director of JUVORATM explains: “For the first time allergy patients don’t have to compromise on a solution. They have the option of a first-class solution that is intrinsically metal-free. This means no allergic reactions, no sensitivities and more comfort.”

The disc, intended for use in telescope attachments, precision attachments and implant supported superstructures, uses only the purest PEEK polymer sourced directly and exclusively from Invibio™, the global leader of PEEK biomaterials that have been successfully used for over 10 years in more than 4 million implanted medical devices.

Used in CAD/CAM workflows JUVORA can mean greater efficiency and lower production costs for dental professionals, while a more accurately produced denture from this nonmetal material can mean a quick and successful treatment for the patient. 

Todd continued: “PEEK is beginning to reach a tipping point in dental, and is being embraced particularly by holistic dentists as new technologies, such as JUVORA are available to them. This can be seen in the increased published data, and presentations at conferences like DEGUZ”.

Organisers of the DEGUZ meeting have dedicated half a day to focus on the use of PEEK in dental applications; a significant indication of the material’s growing stature within the German dental industry which is regarded as a world leader for the adoption of new materials.

As part of the two day congress, ZTM Helmut Rieger (Rieger Zahntechnik GmbH, Augsburg) and Dr Bernd Siewert (Clinica Somosaguas, Madrid), leading representatives from JUVORA’s European certified dental laboratory network, will both present their experiences of using PEEK for denture fabrication on Saturday 17 May with Dr Siewert also presenting clinical results from his own patient’s cases.

JUVORA will be showcasing their high performance non-metal material in Frankenthal on 16-17 May during the sixth annual DEGUZ meeting. For further information on the programme of the DEGUZ meeting please visit www.deguz.de