Bringing innovation to denture materials – JUVORA’s quality promise

01 June 2013

Bringing innovation to denture materials

JUVORA™, a dental innovations company, recently showcased their JUVORA™ Dental Disc (a high performance polymer device that allows the CAD/CAM of removable denture frameworks and implant supported superstructures) at IDS 2013. With a high volume of booth traffic, the JUVORA Dental Disc proved to be an exciting concept for dental labs and dentists.

Part of JUVORA’s key “difference” is that they are committed to product quality throughout the supply chain, in particular through the use of PEEKOPTIMA™ polymer in their JUVORA Dental Disc. Although new to the dental industry, PEEK-OPTIMA polymer (from Invibio™ Biomaterial Solutions, the sole provider of PEEKOPTIMA biomaterials worldwide) has more than a decade of proven success in over 4 million implanted devices including spine, orthopaedic and CMF (all of which demand high mechanical strength, low weight, and manufacturing flexibility features).

 To ensure product quality continues through to the dentist only certified dental lab partners can purchase this device (a process which was launched in September 2012 and assesses that a dental lab has met the necessary criteria to efficiently CAD/CAM removable denture frameworks and implant supported superstructures from a JUVORA Dental Disc). “By working closely with certified partners it ensures that an innovative and high quality offering is provided to both dentists and patients,” said Reinhard Lobenhofer (JUVORA Technical Support Specialist).

 The adoption of the JUVORA Dental Disc continues to rapidly expand and as of March 2013 the certified partner coverage spanned 8 countries across Europe. With the growing interest in this device, the JUVORA Dental Disc is proving to be a viable alternative to combat the shortfalls of traditional denture materials.