Juvora Distributor Code of Conduct

Behaving ethically is an essential part of working with Juvora. It is fundamental to how we do business and is vitally important to the reputation and success of our company. This Distributor Code of Conduct sets out our minimum requirements and expectations with respect to the ethical behaviour of all distributors of Juvora, irrespective of where those distributors are based.

All distributors are expected to:

1. Legal compliance: comply with national laws and regulations in the countries in which they operate and not engage in local customs which are unethical or are illegal if carried out in the UK.
2. Anti-bribery: not tolerate any form of, nor engage in, any form of corruption or bribery.
3. Gifts: not offer any gift or hospitality to any Juvora employee in order to influence them to behave improperly. Low value courtesy gifts or hospitality may be permitted subject at all times to compliance with our policy on gifts, hospitality, sponsorship and donations.
4. Integrity: conduct business with integrity and in an honest, ethical and transparent manner.
5. Competition: engage in fair business practices, and respect and uphold free and competitive markets.
6. Workers: uphold and respect the human rights of their workers, not use child or forced labour, provide a safe working environment and not discriminate on the grounds of age, culture, disability, ethnicity, sexual identity, sexual orientation, gender or any other characteristics protected by law.
7. Trade law: adhere to applicable trade laws, export controls and sanctions imposed by the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and applicable governments or national bodies.
8. Conflicts of interest: avoid all transactions or business relationships that constitute an actual or potential conflict of interest and declare any actual or potential conflicts of interest that arise.
9. Upholding Juvora’s Reputation: not carry out any act or omission, directly or indirectly, which has a negative impact on Juvora’s reputation.
10. Environmental: act in accordance with applicable laws and standards regarding environmental protection and waste.
11. Interactions with healthcare professionals and government officials: take all necessary steps to be familiar with and keep to the laws, regulations and industry codes governing any contact you have with healthcare professionals and Government Officials.
12. Data protection & confidentiality: act in accordance with applicable laws and standards regarding the protection of personal data and protect Juvora confidential information.